About Anatomy of Credit Scores

Anatomy of Credit Scores by Doug MinorIn these unprecedented and possibly challenging financial times, the Anatomy of Credit Scores gives you the tools, information and capabilities to get the very best
credit score possible.

This book is for professionals and consumers alike. In this comprehensive how-to guide and easy to follow references, provides in-depth coverage of the credit reporting, repairing and scoring system. This is an eye opening journey into one of the most misunderstood yet needed topics of today.

What People Are Saying

“Doug Minor is absolutely the best in the business …”

John Cofiell
Owner, First Rate Financial Group

“Doug is the credit guru, his realistic approach and understanding of how the system works and the way he is able to have such good insight into analyzing situations is fantastic.”

Jacob Swodeck
Partner First, Director of Education

“Some of the advice will surprise you and all of it will help you to be more confident in how you handle your financial obligations in the future, ultimately saving you substantial amounts of money.”

Greg Shanfeld
Bankruptcy Attorney, Wadhwani & Shanfeld